Monday, October 19, 2009

the forgotten post

HAHAHAHAH ini blog ud lamaaaa bgttt. gw masi taro dlm bentuk draft tp br gw edit2 n post skrg :p

lg capek mikir so blognya pake bhs indo aj yg skrg haha.

so qta mulai dgn hari jumat. gokil hari jumat itu pas lg owl city konser d neumo's. gw sm jenna datengin aj iseng meskpun ga ad tiket. sold out men! behh parah ga tu.
trs lbh parahnya lg pas qta dateng tu lg ujan trs g ad calo sm skali. ga kyk pas arctic monkeys dulu yg ad calo d dpn2nya behh ya uda deh. pintu d dpn venuenya d buka gt, trs ya ud gw sm jenna ntnin dr situ aj haha. qta k tully's btr buat mengeringkan diri trs ngupi2 sbtr. abs itu jem 10an kurang qta balik lg. pas qta balik pas owl city lg maen. trs ad bbrp org yg berdiri d dpn pintu gt (soalnya pintunya pas d dpn panggungnya gt haha) ya ud gw sm jenna ntnin dr situ aj. lagu trkhrnya hello seattle, trs bis tu mreka encore nyanyiin fireflies bedehhhh. lgs gw record dah itu hahaha.,

stelah slese qta ga lgs balik. biasa pgn foto sm c adam young ;)
ya uda qta nunggu trs smbl nunggu qta foto2 sm bbrp org yg d duga jg pengisi acara gr2 byk yg foto sm dy hahahaha gokil sih pdhal qta ga ntn acaranya haha.

trs stelah menunggu bbrp menit, c adam young kluar tp dy blg dy lg capek ato lg sakit ato ap gt jd ga bs lama2 dll tp gw sm jenna ttp gencar minta foto sm dy hahhaa.

stelah dpt, qta langsung caaabuttt hahha seneng abs ta berdua pas it hahaha. trs bis tu nunggu bus, mana nunggu busnya jg lama pula behh. trs ad org2 yg kyk iseng ngajakin ngobrol2 gt hadoooh malay ajee.

intinya stlh qta nungguin bus yg buat k donton lama, qta k tunnel buat balik enn nungguu lg busnya lama. capek gila qta br nyampe rmh jem 2an. jenna lgs tepar, gw masi upload2 ap yg bs d upload hahahah.

keesokan harinya, bangun jem 3an sore. online tiba2 si kumpeni manggil dr fb chat. intinya dy nanya gw masi mo k konser say anything ga tar mlm soalna si recha sakit jd ga jd pegi smntr dy ga mo pegi sndiri.

y ud lah gw pegi, stgh 6 naek bus dr rmh, mana situasi d busnya kacau bnr lg. sopirnya kyk ga bener gt. ud suka marah2 sndiri, negur2 org, sm ad org mo kluar tp ga d bukain pintunya alhasil tmbh ngebacot dah. gw sm kumpeni ud yg SWT abis hahah.

malem itu keseluruhannya seru sih meskipun gw ga tau ap2 dr smua band yg mulai. si kumpeni enak bgt lg bs masuk gratis gr2 org d dpn dy pas antrian tu masuk k guestlist trs dy ngasi guestlist k kumpeni gr2 tmn2nya ga ad yg dtg. ehh gw ga dapet jadinya gw bayar deh. tp bis tu kumpeni yg byr buat taxi balik sih hahahah.

gila jujur pas gw ntn sm dy gw deg2an mulu hahaha secara dy tinggi bgt trs kan qta berdiri nempel. iya sih gw smpt ad demen2 gt sm dy trs ud ga lg tp gr2 it jd demen lg dah hahaha. orgnya ganteng sih :p trs pas ngejar bus qta yg ujan2an lari2 gt hahaha india abs.

pokokna bis tu gw jem 2 pagi lg nyampe rmh bnr2 dahhhh hahaha. gr2 it gw jd demen sm dy, semingguan smsan mulu tp stlh it gw ud ga lg,. ud bodo amatin soalna gw takut dy kyk ngerasa awkward tar.

nah that's all for today's post kyknya.

oh sabtu 31 oct lalu qta (gw, echa, ninda, mbe) ngantri jem 7 pagi k southcenter buat ktemu yg cast new moon it. blm ktemu sih, br ngantri beli kaosnya bis tu tar dpt wristbandnya buat masuk k acr signingnya. nah qta kan ud dpn jd kamis dpn gt qta balik lg k southcenter buat ktemu artis pendukungnya. nothing big sih soalna yg utama2nya ga dtg, yg jd vampiresnya tu yg dtg 2 org. behhh.

oh pas gw ultah jg gw d kerjain 2 kali behh. pertama pas malem mo ultah, gw d paksa2 echa buat nemenin k rmh cyn ngambil brg, ternyt pas nyampe gw d bejek2 kue,. trs yg kedua pas CG keesokan harinya. abs tiup lilin dll gw d paxa ddk trs muka d coret2 pk eyeliner. behhhh bener2222.

oh trs minggu dpn nehhh, mule dehhh minggu2 konser. slasa ad this providence, jumat ad the used, besoknya ad all time low, minggunya ad brokencyde. trs slasa ad attack2 sm rabu dpnna lg ad stereo skyline ahhahaha seruuuuuu ;p

duit abis dah nih tp ya biar lahhhh :p

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

pretty pissed, pretty sad, pretty excited, pretty please?

nothin much going on. me n echa were at the library. sort of killing time until she went home n my next class. i opened the atl hustler club website n echa told me to check on the names for the seattle date. i didnt want to cuz theres nothing new on the news. but i checked it anyways, n the names r posted already!

excited, i looked over for my name n it was posted on the early entry side. on the very bottom part. wow. i was the last person that was listed on the list.

that was close. at first i felt pretty bumped for not getting the m&g pass cuz ive been getting told by other hustlers that i would get in cuz theres just not too many hustlers in the area. so i pretty confident about myself.

BUT turns out that i only got the EE pass. i felt kinda... disappointed for letting my hopes went too high. but i got over it quickly n didnt want it to ruin my day.

oh n there was also a live webcam session with the band when they were doing the rehearsal. me n echa oly watched for like 5 minutes i think n suddenly the connection got interrupted n we couldnt reconnect.

all i know after half an hour, the band was done rehearsing n everyone started to log out off the website. SHIT

oh well now im getting ready for PE. it starts in 12 minutes. im cooled off already. i need to keep reminding myself to be grateful cuz not everyone would get this kind of opportunity. for meeting the band, we could do it before or after the show for sure. i HOPE they wouldnt be that conceited. at least..

oh n i just bought another YOU ME AT SIX hoodie lol.

Friday, October 9, 2009

YOU. ME. at 6. alrite?

people of the internet...

it is my duty here to update you all with the current event that just happened in my recent life.

last nite, oct 8th 09, a special yet fantastic event had occurred which called "AP Fall Ball tour". as you all might know, it is an around-the-USA tour with performers such as You Me At Six, The Secret Handshake, Set Your Goals, Mayday Parade and last but so not least, The Academy Is... unfortunately Set Your Goals couldnt make it last nite because something happened, so another local band from seattle called .... i don't know i forgot... lol came to the rescue. their type of music is nothing similar like YMA6 or TSH at all. it is more like a laid-back-chill-out-session type of music, which doesn't suit my personality at all. lol.

i didnt know that yma6 got to perform first. i thought theyre gonna perform the second or 3rd, but when i saw some familiar faces on the stage,i knew that was yma6. it's amazing the fact that ive just started listening to them a week ago n i know theyre music pretty well already. wow they must be inspired me a lot lol.

yma6 put on a great performance for us all n themselves. i enjoyed jumping and singing along. i went completely mad when they sang "save it for the bedroom", "kiss and tell", "finders keepers", n "poker face" lady gaga's cover. it was an amazing set after all n i couldnt wait to take some pics with them :D.

next performance was from the secret handshake. i never listened or knew them but some song that they played last nite were enjoyable. my fav part was when they sang one more song which happened to be the cover of miley cyrus' "party in the USA" hahahaha it was like cover nite or something? lol

another local indie band from seattle got to perform to cover for set your goals that supposed to be performing next. as i wrote before, their music was more laid-back than the other two previous bands. they have more 9 people in the band playing guitar, bass, keyboard, violin, two trumpets n drums. n of course a vocalist. wow. the stage looked full when they were on it. thank God they didnt play for long, after a half-hour i think? they wrapped themselves up n it was time for mayday to carry on.

mayday parade was wow, it looks like people were expecting them the most because they screamed and jumping n pushing the hardest i think during their set. honestly i didnt know any of their songs at all, i just knew one which is their single called jamie all over n they played it as the opener so after that i just stood still n tried to enjoy the show. of course boredom occurred so i spent it by taking pics with my friends with mayday n the crowd as the background hahaha.

so mayday was over n it was time for TAI to come out. i had to admit that william beckett looks better with short hair. i mean have u seen him with long hair? he looks like a girl cuz he's slim n slender too so it compliments each other lol. again, i didnt know any of TAI's songs except for their singles like "everything we had", " about a girl", n "summer hair = forever young". they didnt play everything we had but they did play about a girl n summer hair. we went crazy on on those 2 songs. the rest, we just again stood still waiting for another expectations. my fav part was when will spontaneously stage dived but he went back to the stage too quick so i couldnt reach myself to him shoot lol.

so the show was over but we wanted to buy some merchs n as my friends went to the atm to get some cash, i ran over to their merch stand n bought a you me at six tshirt with the tour dates on the back. i saw the lead singer from THS wass there n i asked for some pics with him after my friends came to the stand. we went outside n i saw many people were on the sidewalks cuz the band members were there for autograph signing or pictures stuff. i was looking for josh franceschi, lead singer of yma6 but i got pics with mayday parade n adam siska from TAI instead lol. it was a coincidence when i was looking for josh, one the tour bus opened n there he came from inside. i asked him straight away for some pics n autographs. he's so lovely. i asked for pics like 2-3 times n he still didnt get bored haha.

my next target would be max, the guitarist but i couldnt find him anywhere so i was looking for will beckett cuz it seems that he's the most targeted by everyone that was there i think. again, couldnt find him anywhere so i went back to where my other friends were n they told me that yma6 was on the other van which was located nearby the place that we were standing one. i ran to the van n YES i saw josh talking to some of the fans n MAX playing xbox!

i called him out for pics n he happily jumped from the van n took pics with me. he was so so nice and adorable cuz after i asked for autographs, he asked me questions like "did u enjoy the show?" n all n we ended up chatting with each other for quite some minutes (10-15 minutes i think :D). what melt me down was when he suddenly said "im max btw" n shook my hand. i was like "i know who u are" but he is so down to earth n acts like normal people. n of course i introduced myself n he said something about proper introduction lol.

we spent 10 minutes talking about his and the band's age, tour dates, n of course, FOOTBALL. i think the easiest topic to talk about with british people is about football. he used to play n was a striker but he enjoys music more. i like him a lot he is a fun guy to talk with n he often asked about how i enjoyed the show n all. n i told him that i saw them playing on warped but i didnt know they was before but when i heard that theyre coming to seattle n they sound familiar, i started to listen to their music n i love it so much n he was like "thats tight, "thats sick" with his lovely hand flipping gestures which idk how to describe it lol.

i love our conversation esp about football thing. i told him that at least he's not a man u supporter n he said so too. he dislikes man u so bad cuz they won all the time n the funny part was when he said that dan the drummer is a man u fans n he called him n he pointed at us saying "man u hater" ahahaha n dan was like whatever or something ;D

he was playing xbox at the time n when we chat he paused the game n keep on chatting with me n then he asked if i would still be here for a long time cuz he wanted to finish off the game first n continue chatting. awwwwww :) n yea i told him im going to be here for quite a bit so when he continued playing, i asked for a picture with josh haha n after that he asked where i came from n i said im from indonesia n he asked what im doing here n i ansered im here studying in a college. n then i asked him that hes from surrey n he said so n i said "like harry potter" n he was laughing n told other fans that were there "everytime anyone ask where im from n i said surrey, they will ask oh is it like in harry potter" n the fans laughed with him. hahaha

still waiting for max, i asked josh if he watch football or not n of course the answer is yes. but same as max, he supports arsenal n again we talked about football n he was surprised that told him chelsea beat liverpool on a 2-0 win :D.

unfortunately, my friend told me that our ride is here n so we need to stop this convo n josh hugged me goodbye n i said bye to max as well but before that i asked for one more pic n of course he agreed :D. we hugged goodbye n i told him "see u in spring?" n he replied "definitely!" n after than i shouted "CHELSEA" n he was like "ARSENAL" :DDD

that night, i couldnt stop smiling by myself. im so happy to can actually hang with them. esp max cuz he's so easygoing. i was in love with josh but cuz i chatted with max the most, he became my 1st priority now :D

i seriously cant wait for their spring tour n next year's warped. they're going to be there so im pretty sure im going to be at their booth all the time hahaa. wish all rockstars are just as friendly as him/them. i love british people :D

other pics, check it on my facebook

Sunday, October 4, 2009

the BLUES pride

last night, i hung out with jenna at kent station. it was unprepared cuz we kinda decided it at the very last minute. we were even planning to go to downtown instead lol but we changed our minds.

so off we went to kent station, it was hella windy n i only wore the not-so-full length jacket so def i needed to buy one. we looked around at pacsun n i saw these skinnies that im really interested in. i didnt play to buy one, i was just looking at it n somehow i tried em on, it fit, n somehow i ended up on the cashier with my BCA card lol.

me n jenna went into another store, this time is zumiez. still looking for a hoodie. well that was jenna's temptation but again i ended up buyin one. i saw one GK shirt, the pink flying pig one. n as i turned my back, again i saw another GK shirts n i was like im in heaven!!! n the heaven was finally here when i saw a purple GK hoodie with the design like this:

i saw the price and it's like $51-ish. i still wanted to buy it then jenna pointed another jacket that really caught my eyes like really. it was the same jacket that bella wore in the movie twilight.

seriously i would buy that jacket if only they have bigger size than they had yesterday. i only need an L but they only had up till M. too bad so sad i bought the GK hoodie instead.

that night i spent a lot. i spent too much actually. my card even got declined at zumiez. i told my mom n she said that BCA called to confirm several payments/purchases. we went to panera bread n chilled there.

after last night, i made a promise to myself to not use my debit/credit card for this whole upcoming week. i should prepare/bring something from home. i need to stop spending. it's still the first week of the month n i spent like $100 already jeeez.

i gotta stop this consuming habit. now that ive got my skinnies n hoodie, i need no more. stop stop stop!!!!

kinda regret it cuz i didnt wake up to watch the match. i set my alarm already n i did wake up.. but i went back to sleep. oh well, nico anelka n flo malouda were the life saviour. oh n so was HILARIO. yes he was the goalie cuz cech was red-carded last week. EVERYONE PRAISED HIM.

kinda disappointed tho since lampsy didnt play to his fullest. but i do still love him hahaha.

oh n i found some other reasons why I LOVE FRANK LAMPARD:

he is such a FAMILY MAN

Saturday, September 26, 2009

update blog

o my gosh it's been a very long time since ive updated my blog.

i was too busy keeping up with things or either was too lazy to do so.

the second reason is pretty much the reason why.

boys like girls secret show with breathe carolina was crazyy. waited for 6 hours, d kagetin with someone who i thought was a homeless but it was actually estepe! i crawled up to get on the stage when martin told the crowd to get on the stage on the last song. i thought im gonna die by pushing but i made it! was pretty hopeless cuz i didnt get a pic with martin cuz i had to go home cuz my friend wouldnt be able to catch the bus if we go home late. but after she went to the bus stop, i decided to go back to the venue n when i got back, martin was there signing everyone. too excited, i got a pic n a sign from him. he's creepily cute :D

so school has just started. its been a week n im sooo exhausted. as u all know, im taking 4 PE CLASSES. YES 4! this quarter.. i need it for high school credits, thk u very much. note to myself: if im not getting fit by the end of the quarter, im gonna sue the teacher, yes i will xD.

lots of thing has been going on since the loss of my dear grandpa. i went to blink 182's show a day after. me n akira went there n got acquainted with a traveling french guy.

went to BMTH concert which was amazing cuz i got to meet the band n all (VIP, baby). i was on the way to the venue n suddenly i saw an all-black(black hoodie, black skinny, black hair) n most def, TATTOED figure. i was shocked by oliver sykes as he walked toward n past me by himself. no bodyguards, no no one. my expression was soo ga nyante. i felt like an alay for a minute. i didnt do anything like chase him or scream his name cuz i know that we're gonna meet on th m&g session.

but cuz i was too obsessed, then me n echa trying to search over him n some band members on the shops in front of the venue. once we saw them, i asked oli to take pic with me haha. the concert was great, the meet n greet especially. my goal was just to ask pics n autographs but everyone else was like talking/chatting with them so me n echa were like "dunno wat to do". so to break the silence, we chatted with matt keane instead. i instantly fell in love with matt nicholls cuz he always recognized me with my chelsea shirt (i was wearing one).

it was the last week of the holiday before going back to school. on saturday, me n echa planned to go to downtown from the afternoon to chase down arctic monkeys cuz we're not coming to the show (sold-out). we got there n waited but they didnt come around. echa asked someone from the line n they said that they went outside like an hour ago. pretty hopeless, we went to westlake center instead to eat some cheap-ass mcdonalds. right after that echa wanted to buy some shoes so off we went.

i wanted to buy a hoodie cuz it was pretty cold n windy n i didnt wear my full-length hoodie. instead of buying one, i bought a discounted all time low tshirt from hot topic. i cant resist anything that is sale on hot topic. we went around downtown window-shopping n decided to go back to in front of the showbox to check whether theyre done playing or not. when we got there, turns out that arctic monkeys were not playing yet. they were scheduled to play at 10 pm. few minutes after, some guys offered us some tickets to the show. we couldnt help it to buy so off i ran to the nearest ATM which turns out to be broken, so i ran to the one near westlake. couldnt believe it that we actually got into the show! hahaha!!!

we didnt stay till the end of the hour. we need to go back to auburn cuz there was a surprise party for cyn n kelvin. half-heartedly, we left the venue by taxi cuz we wouldnt make it by bus. we stopped by at aing's to pick her up n then go to gentry together.

that night was actually chaotic. that night i felt like the holidays just started when its actually going to end. i felt great even tho i was a bit pissed cuz i couldnt watch arctic monkeys till the end but overall it was a spontaneoous day.

next concert for me would be the AP Fall Ball Tour with the academy is, mayday parade, you me at six, secret handshake, n set ur goals as the performers.

actually i was planning to to dancerawrdance this coming friday but theres a welcoming party at church that i have to attend to. oh well, there'll be more concerts coming to seattle anyway.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

teardrops on my laptop

wednesday 9/9/09

such perfect numbers but unfortunately not so perfect day for me.

i was awake around 1 in the afternoon. ga tau tb2 feeling ga enak ato gmn. bawaannya parno kalo dpt bbm dr bonyok. takut dpt brita yg ga d inginkan. dan akhirnya berita it dateng juga.

gw baru bangun. baru nyalain laptop. lg enak2 dgrin boys like girls. tiba2 stgh 2an, bokap bbm. gw tanya knp?. trs bokap bilang. sblmnya prasaan gw ga enak. jem segini brarti waktu2 subuh d indo. ngapain bokap bbm subuh2. trs bis tu bokap bilang. "michelle.. ur grandpa just passed away at 3.30 am". suddenly gw diem. gw yg "what?.."
gw ga yg kyk lgs histeris yg kayak d film2 sinetron dll dst itu. gw kyk tau, i knew this is going to happen after all. tp waktu ga gw expect bgt. i know yangkung ud tua ud parah sakitnya. tp gw kira gw masi bisa ngeliat dy. at least for the last time.

gw reply k bokap, "im sorry to hear that dad". secara gw ga tau mo ngomong ap. tb2 gw kyk terbungkam 1000 bahasa. ga bs mikir apa2. langsung stop gt dunia. lemot bgt deh gw. after bbman sesaat sm bokap. tb2 nyokap telp. dy kasi kabar itu, trs gw blg gw ud tau dr bokap. gw pas nyokap telp, suara dy kyk yg berusaha d tegar2in gt. tp kayaknya lg ribet ngurusin sana sini jd tar dy blg mo d telp lg.

after nyokap telpon, baru gw berbombay ria. gw masi kyk ga percaya gt yangkung gw dah ga ad. gw dr yg dgrin lagu keras2 lgs gw ganti dgrin yg rada slow-an dikit. gw sediiiihhhhh karena yangkung ud passed away. gw sediiiihh karna gw ga bs d situ pas dy pergi. gw sediiiihh ga bs turut berpartisipasi sama keluarga yg laen gr2 gw jauh d amrik. gw sediiiiih gw ga bs balik karena skola seminggu lg plus tiket pswt mahal banget.

seharian ini ud ga tau gw nangis brp kali n brp lama. kalo lg keingetan, pasti tiba2 nangis. trkhr gw ngomong sm yangkung pas sblm dy mo operasi buat ususnya which is like a few weeks ago i think. suaranya lemaah sblm dy mo operasi it. gw trakhir ktemu dy jg pas farewell gw sblm cabut k sini. tp kpn it smpt skype-an jg sih. tp itu uda laaaama gt sih. sampe skrg gw nulis ini post, gw masi sedih ngingetnya. mata gw dah kering smua kali ini beleknya.

tadi jg nyokap telp lg buat gw ngomong sm yangti n tante gw. gw sedih lagi pas ngomong sm mreka. soalnya mreka kan yg paling deket sm yangkung secara yangti istrinya trs tante gw yg ini tu yg paling bontot d keluarga. pas ngomong sm yangti gw sedih soalnya dy blg katanya yangkung tu sayang bgt sm gw, dy pengen bisa ngunjungin k amrik k tmpt gw. gmn gw ga nangis dgrnya omg. trs pas sm tante gw jg sedih, soalnya dy yg masi sesenggukan gt. i can hardly dgr dy ngomong ap. dy bilang tar d rumah sepi ga ad yg nungguin lagi. emg sih dgn ketidak adannya yangkung, pasti rmh cawang jd lebih sepi. ga ad yg ngurusin tanemannya lg. ga ad yg sibuk ngurusin amwaynya juga.

gw sampe detik ini masi rada ga percaya kalo dy dah ga ad d dunia ini. gw inget dulu pas jaman2 gw masi sm bepe, gw kan mao k MU cafe buat ntn match ap lupa yg intinya tar gw mo ntn midnite sm bepe tp yg akhirnya malah jadi gatot. gw inget dulu yangkung yg kyk ga kasi gt tp suruh buat balik aj. gw yg kyk maksa2 mohon2 gt k dy tp gw ttp ga kasih. dulu gw sempet sebel sm yangkung gr2 it. tp skrg gw jadi kangen gara2nya.

pas masi kecil, kyk sekitaran SD gt, gw suka d ajak k kondangan sm yangkung yangti kalo lg nginep plus malem minggu gt. pasti suka heboh deh kalo mo k kondangan soalna tunggu2an lah, yangkung belum siap lah, apalah, itulah, heboh pokoknya. giliran pas ud nyampe d tmptnya pasti lgs mencar gr2 nyari makan haha.

kangen gw sm masa2 dulu. pas gw masi kecil blm ngerti ap2. skrg makin gede makin banyak aj tantangan. gw kangen masa-masa dulu as a family qta suka kumpul2 bareng2. makan d luar ato ga makan d cawang. biasanya kalo makan d cawang pasti pesen sate mpe brapa puluh tusuk scr pasti habis sm gw. trus pas kawinannya om ucok, qta seluruh keluarga besar ad tuh d jogja. rame abis tapi gila. suddenly i miss home.

skrg yg ud terjadi ga bs d apa2in lg. yangkung pergi jg buat kebaikan dy drpd dy suffering trs d sini. skrg dy dah damai d sisi Tuhan, ud ga ad beban lg, ud aman. gw bersyukur cuz God has always been with him when he's in his critical moment. thank U so much for Ur blessing n protection over him. thx God for giving him 69 years to live his life. now he's back with U. i just can say pls look after him, we all love him and miss him very much. we will always pray for him. i know even tho physically he's gone, but he still lives in our heart n i believe that. i pray for our big family to be strong n brave for the future. thx for uniting us, pls dont let us be in our sorrow for the whole time. i believe yangkung jg ga mau liat anak2nya sedih trs.

so at the moment as i write this, kayaknya d jak lg pd siap2 buat funeral n sbagainya deh. td gw bbm nyokap n she said that mreka dah d rmh yangkung already. katanya byk tamu yg dtg. iya la ya scr yangkung pensiunannya TNI - AL. behh pasti byk yg dtg ngelayat deh. plus temen2 amwaynya kan byk jd ya makin lagi. gw td nanya nyokap gw balik ga, n dy blg ga usa soalna ud telat juga. gw sedih jg sih ga bs liat yangkung buat yg trkhr kalinya. but nyokap td send pics of him. dy dah d clean up ud d petinya gt pake baju yg kyk jendral ato ap gt. he looks nice there n he smiles in his sleep. must be peaceful i must say. yangkung bakalan d kubur jumat sore kt nyokap. i wish all of our family members the best of luck n to be the bravest when they face this.

i love yangkung. always have, always will. he's a tough guy, but he's super caring. i promise i will make him proud. i need to move on. yangkung must be happy now. he's with God already. God bless him and our family abundantly. i miss home but i should stay. it's been 14 hours since he's away n i already miss him so bad. no matter what he will always be in our heart, in my heart especially. we love you.

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R.I.P Sutedjo Purwosumarto
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Wednesday, September 2, 2009


omgg uda lama bgt ini gw ga blog ckckck. dr kmrn mo blog2 tp ga jd2. skrg deh baru jadi.

summer blkgan jd bosen ne gr2 smua org pd cabut, majority pd balik trs si cyn tb2 k calif sm winny n dax. yg tersisa d auburn cmn gw sm echa. sm tin2 kmrn jg br balik sih dr CA tp ttp ajeee., populasi plg menyedihkan.

roommate gw yg org korea yg cowo akhirnya td dah move-out. sblm move-out gw kyk seharian gt sm dy. dr ribet ngurusin payment, ke bank, bikin money order, sm byr rent. trs hari sblmnya soal comcast jg. ya mayan ya sbg goodbye gt.

now im staying over at tante yani's place for a night. i got my titipan already from home. whoa banyak ajeee, pas td gw buka srasa dah natal gt hahaha. damn i miss home. i MUST go home this christmas cuz i cant go home next summer due to the classes that im taking are not yet finished. so i should stay till summer to get the max credits from GRCC n will transfer right away from here. i gotta take the max credits cuz im planning to transfer to SDSU (san diego state univ). it requires 90 transferrable credits n i currently only have like 35 cuz im taking high school classes as well. i hope i could get in to SDSU. i will be applying to SDSU n georgia state. hope i'll get in to either one of em.




7.3 skala richter. pusatnya dr tasik trs d jak heboh banget gt. gw lg ntn princess protection program eh tmn gw manggil dr msn blg katanya ad gempa. bbrp detik kmudian fb lgs status2nya ttg gempa2 haha buseett cepet aaje. langsung gw bk buat metro tv trs gw bbmin nyokap jg. dy lg meeting d lante 6 trs buru2 trn naek tangga pake high heels pula.

menurut kata temen2 gw yg merasakan langsung katanya gempa ini lbh kenceng drpd gempa2 sblmnya. mpe goyang2 gt. katanya smpt potensi tsunami tp dah d cabut sih pernyataannya. sempet d khawatirkan terjadi gempa susulan tp mdh2an sih ga. kerusakan seh d jak yg paling parah paling kaca pecah d hotel atlet century d lante 11nya. parah2 tp buat korban jiwa sih blom ad kabar so far.

gila parah abis ya, masi ad gempa lg hari gini ckck byk2 berdoa deh ya orang2..uda d peringati dr skrg2. earthquake sm gempa jd trending topic di twitter. bnr2 teknologi dehh. mudah2an ga knp2 deh jakarta. ga usa pake acara gempa2an yo olohh

ok ENOUGH about gempa. lanjut ngomongin soal liburan.

besok gw sih balik dr tmpt tante yani kyk sorean gt. besoknya hari kamis mo ke showcasenya echa drpd ga ngapa2in ohoho. plannya sih abs tu mo nginep tmpt dy tp we'll see lah. sabtu neh rencana mo ktemu sm gina d downtown. ud lama ga ktemu hehe jd kangen. scr d sini kgk ad org jg buat d ajak jalan hahaha. labor day weekend ga tau mo ngapain. duuh pengen cpt2 beli tiket AP Fall Ball dehh dr skrg tp bonyok blm ngirim2 duitnyaaa haizzzzz..

di AP fall ball ad the academy is..., mayday parade, u me at six, sm 2 band lg gw lupa sih hahaa., gele fall ini banyak bgt yg mo dtg ckckck. i'll talk more about it on my next post. lg mo update2 berita gempa dulu hehe

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